Struggling breaths attempt to escape through the transparent wall, encased and tangled, metal branches wrapping around the sunlight Fire outside, black smoke billowing in the distance, choking the blue to light the sea on fire as the light reduces to darkness More than we know or have known, the sliding souls on the darkened floor … Continue reading Barring



Blades, dancing apart, sparks fly lighting the evening sky ablaze with cool warmth, How much I adore you, to admire the chemistry & synthesis of marrying two separate and cutting truths Granting access to a marriage overlooked; as it overlooks us; from above and death below, flapping in the wind Our Souls Slapping the breaths … Continue reading Blades

Marching On

This morning the blankets weren’t on the floor, they were still bunched up at the foot clumped together like constellations (guiding and taunting) sliding across the night sky, ensuring that there was no need for directions. That love was...there! Landing back from a reality dictated by eyes flashing from end to end, the tear of … Continue reading Marching On

The Letter/Dear Unborn

Decades ago, they separated, too young to understand but spent the remainder finding out through loss, movement and exhales too big for sighs. Divine or not, there was a struggle to not blame, lash out and accept the stories told despite the inkling that what I saw could be the truth: together Later, together would … Continue reading The Letter/Dear Unborn

Hello, Picture.

Hanging breathless, hello, picture. There was an Era when you meant the world, you filled the canvas of my life like a motivation. I’d muse of the rooms you filled, questions you answered and mysteries imparted. Hello, Picture. At once you capture the past forgotten and embraced, silent and stoic, hanging breathless Granting wisdom to … Continue reading Hello, Picture.

An Essay Between States

A fine resilience collects like rainfall on a leaf, dripping and dropping to the soil that burned, once, swaying under the weight of a reality defined by uncertainty, Peace be with the soul that flies on sadness, drifting down to be caught by the fingertips of a synthesis comprised of past and future Struggling to … Continue reading An Essay Between States

Splendid Ore

Wondrous, gentle reflection of bird, of running rapids and breath How peaceful the chaos of stars flaring, radiating internally for you For Me You lie, dormant, in fields of truth and Honesty, torn between the endless choice of solitude Will they see what the birds overlook, upon the migration that drags the moon up every … Continue reading Splendid Ore


Static bonds pull me to the brightness (an irony that the same attraction is what killed you). Previous seconds dropping upward toward the midnight rendezvous, counting on a waking nightmare : what was hated was how much of Me was seen. Currents sliding through and over Time Taking back what the shores stole coercively through … Continue reading Refraction