Ode Days

A moment when realization that what we've become is no longer necessary can feel like this, but what you see will not determine the future. It is only a moment. This is Everything. It is age, safety, promise and the end, all at the same time. Shade amidst a fiery day and the remaining stump … Continue reading Ode Days


Turn Around

To face one's fears is to fall all the way down and still be standing in the sun. The thought crosses the mind, that opportunities were grabbed and still, captured in the frozen smiles are the hopes that it was wrong Between the sheets of ice were the whispers so silent, speaking to the corners … Continue reading Turn Around

Golden Roads

Twisting turns with angry intention pave the roads to madness, caught between the lines of peace dangling from the branches Heart is heavy from the truth spilling over, the damnation and brevity that your presence provides, Turned around, talking backwards, to a future ignored in hindsight: this is loving me in my eyes. Too much … Continue reading Golden Roads

Saying Good-bye

Wondering whether the pieces of the saying were dribbled and dropped on the path behind, left to be remembered but forgotten all the same. These are the words, the actions and thoughts consuming opportunities of happiness and joy. Those are the grooves perceived to be speed bumps. For you. The intentions of most are that … Continue reading Saying Good-bye

Finding Peace in Silence

Most of my time is spent being critical of my Self. Constantly, I wonder about how to better myself, to improve upon the parts that I am comfortable with and to disassemble the parts that I am not proud of. Deciphering what things meant, what they mean and the implications of these meanings. It is, … Continue reading Finding Peace in Silence

On Consistency and Dependability

When I was growing up, I had a father that was the anti-thesis of dependable. There were plenty of times that, while it was his time for visitation, he would not show up. To a certain degree, it tore me up, but for the longest time I saw it like muscle building. As we work … Continue reading On Consistency and Dependability

The Water Tower of Trees

For lack of a better term, I feel...strange. Inside, I am the violent magma bubbling to the surface, except not a violence of rage, but of entropy. Having to face the chaos of searching and finding a willingness to open up again. To once again say to myself, "It's okay to let go of the … Continue reading The Water Tower of Trees

A Song for SM

People screaming that one should need you while communicating from a distance Missing love of touch and shared laughter, caught on the fence of aesthetic To desire quietly is your existence sent forth feeding on the unfulfilled nature of fire and ash Binary messages sent of obligation to show attention driving away the meaning of … Continue reading A Song for SM

I am not religious

I'm not religious, but my love for you is biblical. Or so I'd say the moment you turned back around, Back to the chemical fire, Ground ablaze at your feet I return to you, rumbling through the darkness, Blinded by the guidance of reflective moments As the void is lit, uncovering more journey Littered with … Continue reading I am not religious