Progressive Recession

Progressive Recession.  What is the meaning of this?  Throughout my years of analyzing, observing and living life I began to see a trend in the way we operate and how we begin to maneuver within situations and feelings.  The phrase “Progressive Recession” comes not only from the current economic circumstance we live in today, but also the way we perceive and get past the otherwise negative situation.  On a mass scale, we begin to see as a populace how we endure through these trying times by secluding the resources we have and exerting minimal energy to preserve the life we know and have become accustomed to.

We do this in our daily life.  We do this within ourselves.

As time has passed through the doors of the infinite, we learn as life goes on that the best way to move forward is to review where we’ve been.  The tendency to close ourselves off in dire times, although natural, often results in unhappiness or even as far as “Clinical Depression”.  With fear in our eyes, we shut the openings we were once so bold to explore to protect ourselves from the possibility of a full system crash.  It is my hope that through these writings, the awkward and alienating feeling of being an observer of your own life will help you as it has helped me.  Let’s move beyond the realm of what if’s or what could be’s and let the strength I know you have shine like the morning sun.


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