Acknowledgment of One Self

Within ourself lies a hidden treasure, it is our true selves.  From childhood we are taught to love ourselves for who we are, regardless of outside perspective.  We are taught to harness our strengths and dismiss any naysayer, refuse the idea that we can’t be whomever we choose to be or that there is something we can’t achieve.  As we grow, that inner strength subsides to the harsh realities of the outside world and we begin to fall into the mold of a person we believe we should be.  A person not born from our hearts but from the restrictions and discourse that infects the world we live in.  We begin to  say “I can’t” or “I’m don’t think I should” to protect the fragile image we are trying to rescue.

Walking around with the imaginary bubble of being okay, most of us walk around protected believing this is a shield instead of just a bubble.  Under the influence of the situation and circumstance, we feel that this shield is indestructible dismissing the fact that the little things we are trying to protect are just as fragile as the bubble that is our shield.  Wandering now, we blindly meander into this new space that we call contentment, mislead and decieved by none other than our ownselves.  “What is this place and who are these people?” we ask ourselves, sinking deeper into the facade that has become our life.

Where do we go now?

Don’t be tricked or fooled with the idea that where we are is anywhere but here, with the people that created this bubble.  We have nowhere but up to go, reach deep and you’ll see that the clanking sound that is confusing you so much is simply the grinding of the gears that drive you.  Use that bubble as the glimmering light that reflects a rainbow on it’s simple shell and turn it into a beauty unseen by most but appreciated by few.

Do not believe that because we question ourselves that we aren’t sure who we truly are.  At times, we lose sight of the love that we have for who we truly are inside and misplace our thoughts and feelings because of so, but it will be through this acknowledgement of “me” that I will find peace.  I must acknowledge One Self.  I must acknowledge me.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Cynthia says:

    Beautifully expressed…

    …falling into the perfect wisdom
    of the way

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