Guidance Without a System

Inner strength, the ability to release ourselves from fears because of the confidence instilled by us through others.  It is through this inner strength that we begin to realize that it is not only our lives we live, but life.  What is life?  The collection of souls that inhabit this world we know as earth, the place we call the next life and the ghosts of the past.  The past is the gateway into what drives us to move not only forward, but in all directions.  All directions?  Yes.  Sometimes all we need to do is move to the side and let the obstructions in our future roll on by.  Now, it is the life we see.  It is the window, the looking glass, or quite simply the reason we wake up.  The future, it is the unknown.  Not because we can’t see what’s coming but because it is the thing we fear the most.

Through our lives we temper, weather, shape and mold the thing we feel to be Now in fear that what is to become.  We begin to fear the unknown variables early on as we are instructed to begin working for the future at an early age.  A time when we are supposed to be care free and full of life, we slowly begin to become the drones we feel we won’t ever become.  So what now?  We walk through the institutionalized doors of the modern world forgetting that the grass roots of our ancestors is where we find the most peace.  Pieces of a puzzle begin falling into place and we find the balance in the ones we call friends and family.  Opposites begin to attract as the Law of Nature applies itself to the very fiber of our Being, restricting us from being the warmth that blankets the world with the quilt that is who we are inside, our inner strength.

What do we do when the systems we’ve set up in our lives to avoid mistakes and errors begin to fail us?  When guidance is just a myth and chaos begins to whisper in our ears, “You will reap what you sow.”  What do we do when the path that lay in front of us appears to be broken glass and the only 2 doors are labeled “Rock” & “Hard Place”.  What do we do when a struggle seems like the only answer because the war we just left has taken so much out of us?  We reflect.  We open our eyes to the belief that reincarnation is not just a theory or hope, but something we should do on a regular basis.  The world is constantly changing and with every moment of sorrow, loss or sadness, a piece of us dies.  We die.  It is because of this, we reflect in the mirror of our souls within the rooms of our temple that we begin to be reborn.  Our actions become more pure and unsolicited, our thoughts gain more focus and depth, our hearts open wider for we know that it is through the loss just received that we’ve gained the knowledge on how to carry on.  We are born again with a new sense of purpose and a new sense of self.  We rise above the clouds that seemed to be the limit to see a new world and a new you.  We see our inner strength, our guidance without a system.

Rules are meant to be broken and systems are designed to fail, it is why we learn to plan.  If you plan for everything, nothing will ever go wrong.  If you’re open to everything, more things become right.  If you accept your inner strength, then there isn’t anything you can’t conquer.


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