My Inner Universe

Through the depths of the ocean I find that life can sustain anywhere, no matter the environment and surrounding.  I look towards the stars, a physical representation of a glimmer of hope in the darkness suffocating the night sky, and yet I find beauty.  I find calm.  I find contentment.  As I ponder the nature of nature and how the once endless oceans have now found a depth, I begin to wonder if there is an end to space that seems as infinite as the possibilities I face every day.  The correlation resonates within my heart for now I realize how alone I can feel.  I’ve tried to search for new life, new bodies and souls, new hearts and places to explore only to have each door open to a hallway full of more doors.  The questions flood my mind while the vastness of space expands, answering the widely asked question, “Are we alone in this universe?”.


As most things occur in our lives, the search for closure is the only exhausting task we will constantly search for.  Where are my keys?  What did I do with the remote?  What did I do to push them away?  The temptation of these fruitful questions, so sweet and tender, will most likely lead us to a room of doors without windows.  The ability to recognize our Inner Universe and the unlimited amount of possibilites is the only key we have to opening our hearts to life.  Life is not a timeline nor two dimensional, it does not lay flat and it will never stop moving, so to search for the answer to the question “Am I alone?” is one that can only be answered if you can find the stars in yourself.  We are never alone, sometimes we just forget to look up.


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