A Healthy Heart

As I walk through the shadows of doubt I find myself lost and broken.  Confused by the choices I have to make, I wander aimlessly through the foggy forest of my memories searching for a safe place to stop.  No stars to guide me, I walk looking down at my feet hoping that they will lead me to the home I once knew.  Recognizing that I am in dire straits, I reach my arm out through the dense fog hoping that I will find something to grab onto, that I will find something to lean on.  Although it feels like I’ve been walking for an endless amount of time, I know that I must endure this for although I cannot see my home, I know it is there and all I have to do is continue on.  Walking in the dark, tired and feeling weak I push on through this trying time and find a positive in my seemingly impossible situation.

What is it about my situation that makes it anywhere near a positive?

Throughout our lives we face many situations where we become frightened, lost and bewildered because we are not sure of not only what’s going on, but who we are or who we’ve become.  It is human nature to be concerned or afraid of the unknown, it is what makes life so grand, but do not ever think that you are in a completely negative space.  There is always a positive in every situation, regardless of the circumstances, we just have to look for it.  If you ever find yourself wandering around in a situation where you feel lost and reaching out just to have someone to lean on, know that it is these moments that allows us to fully appreciate the home we have created within ourselves.  You are strong, amazing and can get through whatever the matter may be.  Home is where the heart is and that fact will allow you to reach deep within yourself to utilize the strength that we all have in ourselves.  Know things may seem impossible, but we live our lives in possibilities.  We are curious for that reason.  We have been given choices to try and the materials to build a happy place.  Reaching out is never a sign of weakness, it shows trust and that is one of the hardest things to give someone.  That takes an incredible amount of belief in yourself.  Remember — A happy heart is a healthy heart, a healthy heart is what makes you smile, and a smile is only possible where Love is.  Love yourself and you’ll find a light that not even a black hole can erase.


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