How My Reason Became My Purpose

With my mind racing through the night, I found it difficult to sleep.  It seemed as though, like most nights, that I was trying to figure out a missing piece in the puzzle that is my own self.  Through this recent reflection I began to realize that throughout my life, as most do, I search for a reason to do something.  As I sat back to contemplate this new epiphany, I realized that many of us tend to desire a reason to fulfill a purpose.  It is through this thought that the unexpected question surfaced, “What changes when our reason becomes our purpose?”  In many of my reflections I come across the satisfying feeling of accomplishment when pondering the wonders of my life.  How attached to every event, there was a reason for why I was at each situation and it has often been more than enough for me to believe that each reason brought purpose.  Ah yes, the unfathomable belief of purpose as a sense of self gratification, but wait — what if instead of my reason creating purpose, my purpose was the reason for my being there?

For most, the search for purpose borders the idea of a predetermined path otherwise known as “Destiny”.  Although I’d like to think that this is how life works, I don’t believe it to be the complete truth.  The understanding that it is not the reasoning behind our actions, but the purpose in which we carry them out is what defines who we will become.  In my efforts throughout my life to find a reason for something, I have found my purpose.  This purpose is one that may not be the easiest to accept, but it is who I truly am and because of so, I am happy.  I believe that I have a destiny but I don’t believe that our destiny is already determined, we are given choices so that we may steer our lives in the direction we choose.  If you are searching for a reason to do something, I’d consider what I believe my purpose is to be the determining factor in my reason for what is to become my Life of Now.

Do not rush your life attempting to find your purpose, your purpose will come with time.  As I did, you will recognize your place amongst the stars by living selfishly selflessly.  Have the insight to see what we do now will cause a ripple in the sea of eternity.  We do not get second chances so that we will not repeat them again, we get them so that we may teach others.  This is how my reason became my purpose.


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