The Human Precondition

First, let’s look to see how the Merriam Dictionary defines “Condition” (

1. a premise upon which the fulfillment of an agreement depends
2. something essential to the appearance or occurrence of something else
3. a restricting or modifying factor
4. a state of being

And now, how Human Condition is defined on Wikipedia (

The human condition encompasses all of the experience of being human. As mortal entities, there are a series of biologically determined events that are common to most human lives, and some that are inevitable for all. The ongoing way in which humans react to or cope with these events is the human condition. However, understanding the precise nature and scope of what is meant by the human condition is itself a philosophical problem.

So let’s break down each definition adding the word Human to the defined Condition.
1. The search for a defined purpose in our lives, often causing reflection of the ideology of a destiny or predetermined path giving us the feeling that we are working towards something greater. An almost predetermined life that we must fulfill.

2. The acceptance of our feelings towards the numerous circumstances that will cloud our lives. Sadness, Anger, Love and Hate, these are all things that we accept that make us Human. Those who do not display emotions are often referred to as an animal or something other than Human.

3. Emotions. By the headstrong, emotions are a sign of weakness. To the hearty, they are the “things” that slow us down and make us drag our feet. They are the tears we shed and the vulnerability we all wish not to show on a regular basis.

4. Often tied with a couple of the other definitions, this one in particular is very broad. To define ourselves as humans, it means to separate us from all other inhabitants of this world. The phrase “Human Being” brings about a deeper sense of what it means to be Human. It puts a physical tag on a word that in any ordinary conversation has no feeling. This definition is usually the most likely to be used because it’s vague meaning is defined only through who is using it.

Now, ask yourself what the phrase “The Human Condition” means to you.

To me, the human condition is nothing more than how we choose to view ourselves. It is life without the boundaries and restrictions of a society frantic and confused. It is how we proceed through our lives and how we will improve the condition of the surrounding world through the conditioning of ourselves. It is the improvement of a world filled with souls not bound by negativity or defined by what we did not do or say, but in the way we choose to live. This is the Human Precondition for every definition creates a scenario that we must adjust to. I end this with a question, How can there be a Human Condition when the future has not yet been told?


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