Peeling My Heart

As I begin to peel the layers of my heart, I shed a tear almost immediately. I remember the memories I have since hidden like a box of things in my attic, I just don’t want to get rid of them. I recall a moment one fine day standing at the top of a mountain, looking into the eyes of a beauty unseen and oh yes, there was the sun setting. My pupils begin to turn red as I recall the sights and sounds, the birds chirping and the people playing with the ocean crashing down. I flip through my scrapbook of thoughts and replay them in my head, there was that time and how could I forget those hands. I dig deeper and find a memento, something that I’d left behind, like a bread crumb for Hansel and Gretel in case they lost their way home. I pull out this memory and much like I remember, time has now stopped except I can still feel my heart racing. I fall back onto my rear, now teary, warm and heart beating wondering why I wanted to never forget — and just like that, I smile. I never wanted to forget your face, your hands or yours eyes because they all remind me of a time that I wouldn’t give up, not now or ever. It was a time when I was happy, something I can’t reclaim if forgotten, it was a time when the world was right and for that, I thank you. I began this story peeling my heart back, trying to sift through the layers, but now I realize I have only one and it’s that’s the one You penetrated.

To all of those who have loved and lost, or still love right now. We must treasure the memories we have and appreciate what we have now.


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