The Quantum Tear

I’m sure some of you have asked, “Why do I cry?” and heard some scientific reason as to the biology behind the tears you try to hide. I’ve heard the most common of reasons (and try to steer away from telling anyone this) that it is because we are overwhelmed with our emotions and we are simply just releasing them externally. As much as this might sound reasonable, I have never considered it to be to a complete answer. It did not explain why we cry out of happiness and anger, sadness and just randomly yet it gave me insight into the overall feeling about this natural response.

Crying, is often a response to a situation that we do not fully understand and because of so we are confused. Confused, not in the sense that we cannot see what lies ahead, more along the lines that we CAN and it seems uncertain. Unexpected. We feel vulnerable, it is viewed as a sign of weakness by us and to some of those around us yet accepted because we cannot control it. It’s a response. Can there be more to this?


When we are infants, we use our tears as a form of communication. A way to show the world not of just how we feel, but what we want as well. As we grow, we begin to communicate through words and that will eventually become an expectation. To use our words to explain something that is outside the boundaries of our normal state. It is then believable that we continue to use our tears as a form of communication. It is not only a release of our inner angst, but a silent message. During the times of these breakdowns, we are at our mental peak. Contemplating and considering every aspect of the situation and for most, life as well.

Do not be fooled into believing that it is during these tears you are vulnerable, in actuality you are putting up a shell, isolating yourself from the world you’ve been hurt by. Compare how you feel while crying, the desire to ball up and just wrap yourself in the most comfortable places we know. Our bed, in the arms of another or quite simply within the words of a person you trust, these destinations tend to be what makes us vulnerable for they are the ones that bring us back. They are the places we go to open the shell. Use this time to realize how empowering and vitalizing our tears can be. They take us to a world of endless possibilities, one where the coldest nights can feel warm and where your mind and heart can see the most clearly. This response is our way to communicate to everyone, even ourselves. Our ability to transcend time and become the person we try to hide.  This is the real you honestly expressing your guiding star, your heart.  This is what makes The Quantum Tear.


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