The Learn’d Fool

For whoever says that a fool can not learn is a fool themselves
because everyday people fall in and out of love
Love, such a simple concept and yet so hard to grasp
It isn’t an emotion, a thought or even a concept
It is a feeling that has no meaning, no depth nor thought
Yet it is the most powerful thing known to man on earth.
So from one learn’d fool to the curious at hand
I have learned that you must know how to swim in quick sand
For love can change quickly like the beats of your heart
Coming so slowly then suddenly the beats become hard.
Although a fool or seemingly ignorant I appear to be
I have learned the hard lesson and conquered life’s biggest mystery
and now this fool is a learn’d soul
because I learned that is not my biggest foe
It is my own feelings.

When one reflects on the meaning of life, we have no further to look than our own relationships.  It has always been a belief that relationships reflect a condensed or concentrated version of the state of our lives, instanced for us to see so that we may be able to grasp the idea of gain and loss in a smaller scale.  As the observer, it’s easy to see that most often people end up tripping on themselves, that we are the antagonist in our own story.  It is never until we begin to look at ourselves from an outside perspective that we begin to realize the correlation between our actions and the unfathomable outcome that has forced us to reflect from outside of ourselves.

As we stroll through our lives, we’ve all heard the term to stop and smell the roses or to stop looking at the ground while we walk but I believe both to be misinterpreted.  We walk looking at the ground, not because of insecurity, but because we are trying to avoid distractions.  Avoiding anything that could interrupt the state that we are in, much like when you zone out staring at nothing.  The idea with stopping to smell the roses is the adverse effect from staring at the ground.  We must stop every once in awhile to recognize the beauty in which this world offers, may it be a single rose amidst a garden or a smile of a person.  Each has it’s own beauty, we must learn to acknowledge it.


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