This Prison of Mind

Have you ever had a moment where you realized just how small the world is?

Ran into an old aquaintance or a familiar face you’ve seen before while saying, “How long has it been?”

It’s a wonder how when we are young the world can seem so big, when we drive without regard for destination but simply for the purpose of adventure that each turn around the road seems so new.  When we think about the places we wish we could go and the things we’d like to do, the shackles of our minds are broken and for that one moment, we feel free.  Like staring out the window on the airplane when going to an unfamiliar place or out of our own window after being cooped up for days because of sickness, the possibilities seem endless.

We dream, we wonder, we wander and pace

We smile about memories that once took place

We close our eyes to open our minds

Yet close our minds once we open our eyes

The reality of our lives is often an anchor, something we tell ourselves to keep us grounded so that we don’t float off into an assumed emptiness.  A vast blank world where the only thing we’ll face is the unknown, the future.  We use these bars to enclose ourselves in a prison in search for self meaning but fail to realize that by limiting our view with walls and bars, we limit our true selves from being able to express ourselves honestly.  As we begin to grow and learn about the world, we gain the sight to see beyond ourselves, yet we restrict our minds like blinders on a horse.  The world, if we spend a moment closing our eyes, is bigger than we ever imagined as a kid because we’ve learned enough about it to know that we can’t know everything.  All we can do is know ourselves.

We must learn to release the chains that we’ve tethered to our reality to see that the world is what we make of it.  That the world is our heart, it is our desire and it is everything we choose it to be.  If we break the locks and release ourselves from the bonds that have sealed us shut for so long, the world will become ever more expansive creating a Life Form in our Inner Universe.

A Life Form.

Apart, those words have two seperate meanings but together it is an ideal.  It is our purpose.  It is what we see as a child and appreciate when we’re aged.  The idea for this is for you to ask yourself one question.

What does your Life Form?
Open our minds to the idea that possibilities are endless and nothing will seem impossible, regardless of the direction it comes from.  The moment we let go of the impossible, we are free.


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