Conforming to the Wind

Within ourselves we attempt to extend outward towards an unforgiving world. Adapting and conforming to the guidelines set by other, trying to mimic the very actions and life of a ghost. We watch and observe other people so that we may find qualities within them that we wish to be or have. Yet, we never stop to think that in this search for ourselves within others, we aren’t conforming to these generic rules but obstructing the very being of ourselves.

Watch a leaf in the wind, water running down a creek or the waves crashing against the rocks and you will begin to see exactly what nature has intended us to be.

What does Conforming to the Wind mean?

Conforming to the Wind quite simply means that we must learn to ride with life, never obstruct or try to repeat. Life, as stated in previous writings, is not just a 2 dimensional line but a multidimensional place much like the world we live in. We can ultimately try to follow a specific path but by doing so, we are limiting ourselves to the very essence of the world around us. The saying goes that we must learn to stop and smell the roses or admire the mountains we’ve just climbed, but without the self knowledge that our path is not just what’s in front of us we will forget to look around as well.

It is okay to look back at the path that has brought us to where we are, even if there is pain there should be a sense of accomplishment. The road worth traveled is one that includes pit stops. It is okay to hope for what lies ahead, it is our fuel for now. We have what we do now because of where we’ve been and where we would like to be.

Sometimes we will crash against the rocks and other times we’ll conform to the wind, but like the creek we are all headed to something much bigger than ourselves. That is the Power of Me.


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  1. Obi says:

    Deepak Chopra says ‘Don’t fight against the Universe.’ It’s funny how we often do and think we can win. Ha.

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