The Story of My Life: A Letter to Me Part 2

These are the words that hardly ever leak out but are spoken with every step I take, with every action I make. These are the final words from a broken soul that’s spent far too long lost and confused stumbling over the very roots that I now feel entangled in.

It’s time.

I am cutting myself free, releasing myself from the bonds of normality and standards to find the me that I’ve always known. One that does not fear change, loss, life or death. Enough time has passed that I have shackled my own soul from a happiness that always felt just out of my reach, now is My time. Now is Me. I realize that I do not have to ever let go of the memories I hold dear, but I do not have to let these memories hold onto me.

It is time.

The prejudice and stereotype that I must conform to a world that others see is naive. The time is now for me to live to my full potential, to let go of the binding quantities and begin to see the quality I have accumulated in my life. I shall forever open my eyes to a brighter place, to a life always worth living. One not filled with fear, worry or regret of what is to become because the knowledge that what will Be shall satisfy the hunger I have for what will Become.

The time is now, use it!


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