Travelling Without Moving



We feel that we must even if we don’t know what we are trying to change, we search for reasons yet we do not ever truly open the door to ourselves.  It is frightening to explore a world of endless possibilities, where we never know what’s around the corner so we find ourselves clinging to items in our lives that we are sure of.  Regardless of the nature in these items, we know that they are there and not just a possibility that could slip away.

When we begin to look deeper into the world we’ve closed ourselves out of, we begin to see new and exciting things.  That love, for whatever or whomever, is about progress and not perfection.  That much like when we’re in the airport, we are standing on the moving walkway, standing still yet continuing to move forward.  As we approach our gate, the true nature of who we are begins to unravel as every possibility becomes real.

I hope I’ll be okay.

I can’t wait to get there.

I don’t know what lay ahead, but I know I want to find out.

We board the plane and regardless of how far we travel, we’re moving much faster than we could have ever imagined.  Depending on the destination, the flight could seem shorter or longer.  We never know who will be sitting next to us, but when we find out it seems less significant because we realize it’s out of our control.  We make do, we lean back and try to relax because the reason why we got on this flight was no longer about the destination, but the multitude of possibilities that could happen, it excites us.

As we travel through this life, we must begin to realize that every situation we ever encounter is much like the experience of travelling great distances.  At times, we can stand still and let the path continue to move us forward.  We can cling onto the foundations that we have, but know that it’s a foundation because it’s not going anywhere, only we are.  Moving forward does not mean ignoring who we are, what we have or where we’ve been, it’s about experiencing a world seen only through our eyes.  These seemingly impossible situations are only a catalyst so that we may regain appreciation for the times when we can just stand still while moving.  A beach just outside the city where you hear no cars, just the crashing of the waves and the wind blowing.  A bench in the park or a bowl of soup, these are our comforts.  Life moves fast because of the things we miss only to find out that what we miss, is Us.

We have change so that we may see what stays.  Appreciate what doesn’t move and you’ll never miss anything.  Appreciate You.


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