The Principals of Life

Guidelines, Rules or Parameters.

There is this belief that our life is ultimately determined by forces of nature that are either beyond our control or in control of by an outside source, yet we refuse to let go of the idea that we are the ones in control. We see the 3 phases of our life in the past, present and future but spend so much time and effort into pleasing the one part that is self explanatory.

The Present

This is our gift. To be able to experience and share every facet of every moment. To appreciate the solitude of both the past and the future without forgetting the knowledge that our past is passed and our future is because of so. I’m sure we’ve all heard at one moment or another that what we’ve done “Is against the rules” or “Isn’t what others would do” but if this gift we live has taught us anything, it is that forging ahead is only truly possible when we lay down the preconceptions of what Is or Isn’t and just do. We will begin to find that The Principal of Life is our own self and that we are the ones who moderate it. That our love and devotion that is so eloquently condensed into our relationships with others, is the looking glass into our true selves.

The next time you say you don’t have the time, remember that time is and has always been man made. That a simple phone call or letter, although may not feel like much, means the world to not only others but to our self as well. Whether it is scribbling on a note pad or a well kept diary, the physical notation of our gift will allow us to reflect upon the past with only what’s next in mind. We always have time, sometimes we just need to get over our fear of not having enough to see that it is not the time we’ll be missing but the person inside.


One thought on “The Principals of Life

  1. I received a simple thank you note from an old friend of mine today. It had nothing but words of gratitude for our friendship. It was simple. It was unexpected but it meant the world to me. I kept it in my pocket throughout the day. Sometimes I would pull it out and read it, then stuff it back in. My worries and busy-ness would melt away and leave me smiling. Acts like that inspire me to choose love over fear. To think about now and not worry about what’s next. This blog post had that same effect. Thank you.

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