Our Genius

“Sometimes the real genius of life is quite simply the denial of truth.” — Shawn Lee written in 2004

The rain clouds begin to fill the sky of a life I once knew, passing over like a sheet of black hiding the warmth of the sun that reminds me of times much simpler.  I made a promise, to live to my full potential without regret regardless of the outcome and yet the solitude that I found within that promise was what made want to stand outside in the rain.  Closing my eyes, I lifted my head into the direction that I wished my life would go in and as the rain fell onto my face, I found that the water was not the only thing running down my cheek.  Remembering happenings  of my life as if every raindrop was a memory, tears begin to wash away the rain reminding me the irony that sometimes it’s the hidden secrets that can wash away the obvious.

As I began to let go of myself, the reality that these memories I’d supressed for so long started to set in.  It was like a cleansing of my soul.  The release of these denials all at one time, although a bit overwhelming, allowed me to realize that the promise I’d made so long ago to myself had been realized.  That these tears were not those requiring sympathy, but thanks.  The memories I’d buried, were done so to remind myself in the future that I had no reason to regret because until this very moment I was Free.  I had no reason to hide from myself because it was those very moments in my life that had created the man currently standing in the rain.  These happy moments created a truly fulfilled life.

Although things may not go our way or at least how we’d like them to, it does not discount the worth of those moments.  I find myself quite often doing something most would not do, looking at mementos of a time when I can distinctly remember being happy.  These memories caught in time remind me of a time where I was at my best and for that, I shall always treasure those memories.  A physical representation that moving forward does not have to mean letting go, it just means we can continue down the extraordinary path we have yet to explore.  I hold onto these various things, not because I’m incapable of evolving but because I know that my evolution is because of those very things.

The best lessons in life are not only on the road least traveled, they are wherever we allow ourselves to realize our true potential.  We must realize our genius but whatever you do, don’t forget to breathe.


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