How I came to Be

Typically this story begins, an explanation about how one was consummated or how some strange event had changed the life of a person.  This Eye-dea will be a bit of a tangent from the norm in order for us to see the connection between where we’ve been, what we’ve seen and the person we hardly speak of unless the time is appropriate.

This is how I came to Be.

At a young age I was able to embrace the idea of change.  I grasped it as I grasped my ice cream cone, afraid that if I didn’t hold onto it tight I would lose the treat I held in my hands.  I walked the path not chosen by most, intentionally made my life difficult so that I could learn the lessons many people wish to avoid.  Spent most of my years becoming the person most know me as now, the extremely analytical and ironically open-minded person I lose in the mirror every day.  It is through this embrace that I am not only a friend, but a confidant to those in need of someone to talk to.  As tiresome as it can become, it is this very purpose that allows me to continue with the level of thinking I’m notorious for.  For me, it’s unavoidable, but that’s the beauty of it.  I am because I choose to.

I love meeting new people, talking to them and hopefully become to them what I’ve been to others.  I use my love for anaylzing to find out what makes this person tick so that by the end of the conversation I may receive the response, “You’re creepy, how do you know so much about Me?”.  It is through this self-realization of what I love that opens up a world of unseen possibilities.  Because I love to talk, to listen and take the time to recognize the idiosyncrasies each individual offers, whether they know it or not, I have been able to forge relationships I never thought I’d be blessed to have.  I have been able to see life from so many perspectives but have found there to be a common bond between each experience, whether regarded as a failure or not.

This bond is that we are all Linked.

For an example:

I recently took a trip to visit my brother, not a trip uncommon to me but a rarity due to the location.  He lives in Chico, CA and attends Chico State and although not extremely far, it is a place I don’t visit very often due to the lack of entertainment.  This time, this trip was a bit unprompted and far from planned.  The night before my departure, I had been sitting around reminiscing and came to the conclusion that a trip was in order.  I spoke to my brother who had said this was a good time to go and so the very next morning I was off.

During my drive, I began to think about people I wish I could see or hadn’t seen in quite some time.   I arrived in Chico and after a much needed rest (if anyone has ever drove in that direction, it’s quite boring) my brother asked if I’d like to join him at a performance that he was doing that night.  Being more than happy to support my brother, I agreed and promptly got ready to leave.  We arrived at the venue and it went extremely well, the performance went exactly as he had planned.  One perk of performing at this place is my brother received a 50% discount on all drinks so after about 15 minutes of discussing if we’d like to stay or not, we decided to not let the discount go to waste.

As the night continued on, we contemplated attending a function that was at a friends house so we decided to have one more drink and then we’d go.  As the liquid in our glasses dwindled faster than water in the desert, we stood up to leave.  Just as we started to walk away, someone bumped into me.  I turned around to see one of the people I hadn’t seen in quite some time, a friend that I had been thinking about just that morning.  Coincidence?  I think not.  After a few pictures, short & quick conversation and a warm hug, we walked our opposite ways but not before a smile crossed our faces.

It was a reminder to me that even the most random of choices are made for a reason.

So, why did I use the phrase “Eye-dea” in the beginning of this writing?  It’s because we often don’t see the beautiful idea of life until it has already passed.  We overlook the smaller facets of what we are given because we spend so much time focusing on other things.   The peace we are missing within ourselves can be found by simply paying attention to this life we have.  If we open our minds to envision ourselves as not just an open book but a sponge as well, we’ll realize that even the raindrops can be a source of happiness.  This is not a writing of how I came to be, it is a story of Eye came to Be.

“As humans, we often find ourselves looking to complete the larger picture of our life.  Until we realize the larger picture is just a collection of smaller pieces, we will not find the masterpiece that is what makes us who we are.”


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