Excitement of Being Nowhere and Everywhere

I’m excited about my life, it has been a dream.  I could not have asked for any more and although there were times I would have asked for less, I didn’t.  Not because I couldn’t, but because I would have it no other way.  It’s why I am where I’m at with not only the world, but with myself.

Acceptance is quite possibly one of the hardest things to gain throughout ones life and yet one of the most fulfilling.  The outward version, is one of the most unhealthiest as it tends to taint or obscure the type we all truly require beyond any measurable doubt.  If we can learn to forgive and not forget, to accept and not just acknowledge the person we often hide from the world and from ourselves we will begin to find excitement even when we’ve stopped to look around.

The Excitement of Being Nowhere and Everywhere is the culmination of a few ideas with a common goal.  When we begin to reflect upon our lives, Being Everywhere means having the ability to reflect not just on the past, but the present as well.  Where have we been and where are we now?  Excitement of Being Everywhere comes from our Love of being where we’re at with ourselves while knowing that we aren’t done, yet.  When we dream of our futures, this is the Excitement of Being Nowhere.  The future has yet to come and our dreams are not a reality, but the Excitement comes from knowing that it can be and if we believe in ourselves enough, they will be.

One day my dreams will become my reality, but until then I must do 3 things.

1. Accept where I’ve been

2. Love where I am

3. Be excited about where I’m about to go

“When we love, our Heart is excited.  It knows where we’ve been and the heartbreak we’ve experienced and yet it tells me, Be excited.  The message here is that the darkness is behind is, let’s focus on the light ahead”


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