The Objectivity of Myself

I was reading a paper written about the often quiet controversial subject of the After Life process.  It was a very eloquent piece bringing to light the oft ignored subjects surrounding death, including the morality of the embalming process.  Although a very short paper, the concluding paragraph caught my eye for it is a feeling that has been flooding my thoughts as of late:

Excerpt from “Sleeping Beauty: The Untold Story”:

As we begin to review the purpose behind trying to extend the life of someone passed, we are forced to wonder why we would impose the tortures of the living world upon this person.  How strong the desire to eternalize beauty for just a small piece of internal contentment will drive us to allow the objectivity of a human being.  It is when we stop glorifying the truth that our appreciation for what “is” can become as great as the person themselves.  That is when we will stop looking for sleeping beauty and allow for true beauty sleep.

As I read this paragraph, I began to put together the scattered pieces of my thoughts to form the question Am I objectifying Myself? I believe that on some levels I am, detaching myself from certain aspects of who I am allows me to see a bit clearer than if I were tied up emotionally.  Emotions tend to devour my thoughts resulting in actions that I may not regret, but I admittingly claim as a mistake.  It is through this breakdown and ultimate vulnerability that I begin to view others as well as myself in 3 dimensions.  My vision changes and I see that my conduct, even when others don’t see or notice,  is still apparent to me thus I become the object of my own fascination about the human mechanics of life.


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