I have lost my way.

Like walking in the forest with a compass but no map, what is  direction if you have no idea where you’re going?

I have been searching for a destination so that my direction may have more meaning but I find myself deeper into the dark woods, tripping over any obstruction that rests in my path.

I fall down, lay there wondering if I should just stop to nurse the wounds that I’ve neglected to acknowledge in fear that I will lose my direction.


I Rise

To look up knowing that I have not a clue in mind of finding a place I’ve never been to and still, I Rise.  I brush off my pains with the feeling that although I may scar easily, it is not what defines me.  I fear not the death that is ever so imminent but the thought that wherever I end up will not be the direction containing my personal happiness.

I refuse to let the world weigh me down as I carry it on my shoulders,  it is meant to be a reminder and not a burden.


I Rise.

I ignite the fire that lie within me with a friction like walking into the wind.  Now standing with only but my own demons I stand my ground, throw the world from my shoulders and watch as the weight I’ve carried for so long weighs down the only true oppositition one ever truly has.  With this new found inner warmth and strength, I open my eyes to see the chaotic beauty of my misguided environment.  I realize for that brief moment, I had found my destination.

There I stood, in shock and awe, a concept ever so simple yet overlooked because of so.  When one embraces the direction, the destination can forever change.  Although frightening, we should cherish the fact that we can not know where we’re going and still find a place we call home.

Here I stand, still.


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