Continuous Creation of Self Through Love

I have never been right, if the saying stands true.  I’ve followed my heart without fear of what was next for I knew that whatever lay ahead would be something to smile about.  The outcome, although not ideal or what I had hoped for or wanted, gave me a reason to smile at some point in time.   The idea to keep moving forward is one that has always captured my imagination but I feel that often I overlook the parallel lifestyle of passing it forward.  It’s easy to get caught up in either one and hard to do both because I feel that most of the time I am catching up with myself, eventually feeling that I am not moving anywhere at all.  Then…A smile.  A reminder that even though I may feel as though I’m not going anywhere, life is continually moving.

The desire to better myself is one that I believe everyone attempts at on a daily basis and although we may (as has been pointed out to me) be programmed to respond in a certain way, the choice to respond is entirely up to us.  An aspect of our lives that we tend to take for granted is that the love we gather from our surroundings are the purest influences of our Creation of Self.  This is something that is usually brought up during times of loss, the constant reminder that we could have done more had we taken advantage of people or persons that allowed the Continuous Creation of Self Through Love.


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