Travelling Tips for a Long Trip

We are given turns on the road in life to remind us that we need to slow down. We are given straight roads so that we have the freedom to speed a little. There are rest stops because everyone, at some point, needs a break but cannot stop where it’s comfortable. We are given destinations so that we have direction. We are given passenger space for the moments we need help to drive and so when travelling alone we have enough room to carry the cargo that is required for the trip. If we have both, remember that they are there to help us unload the baggage even though it may be on there because they are.

We are always given the proper help, tool and required reasons for everything in our life. We are never alone, regardless of how it feels. Sometimes we just need to look outside the usual and call on a person that we wouldn’t normally reach out to. We meet and keep the people we have in our life for a reason, even if it seems unclear as to why. Use the resources that you are given and you may just find that although the trip seems long, it is greater than even you could have imagined.


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