The Living Will

As I began to fall asleep, the image of a tree on a hill appeared.  I was unsure if it were a recollection or just my imagination conjuring an image to display what my unconscious was thinking, but whatever it’s reason I began to be able to put into words some thoughts that have been weighing heavily on me.  The idea of recreation, self creation, life, death and how we see ourselves has been a few revolving topics in my stream of continuous thoughts, not sure why until now.  The title may sound morbid, interesting or simply confusing so I’ll do my best to explain how it ties into the 5 topics I’ve stated above.

At first glance, it would appear to be “The Living Will” such as the legal document we create as we get older to ensure that all of our material items get passed to those we wish to have those stated items.  Here is where the imagery of the tree on the hill comes into play.  Recently I have connected, although superficially to some degree due to the way we connected, to my past life.  One of many.  When I was a young child, around the age of 3, I started at a Pre-Pre-School named C.P. Huntington in South Sacramento.  It was at that time that I met what would come to be some of the best friends I’d ever know.  I knew these people, as well as many more to come, all the way through the 5th grade  until I moved to Elk Grove in the 6th Grade.  Although devastating at the time, I was able to essentially “Die and be Born Again”, given the chance to create myself in the image I wished to be.  No matter how much time passed, I always wondered how they were doing and if I’d ever see them again.

This has happened quite a few times in my life, some for the better and some for the not as great.  That’s life.  As I got older, I began to realize that no matter how small it appeared to be, every time I’d lost someone in my life that I was close to…I died.  Whether it be a friend, a family member or a lover, I died.  As long as I loved them, if they were no longer in my life may it be physically or emotionally, I died.  Each time that I’d rise from the ashes of this loss I felt rejuvenated and reborn, as if I was given a new lease on life.  To grow, learn, adjust and incorporate each lesson into my next life may it be mine or someone else’s.  I have died many times in my life, but that shall never get me down.  Say it with me, “I have died many times in this life, but that shall never get me down!”  The idea of the Living Will can now be applied.  I want you to take some time and consider not the material items you wish you pass on, but your thoughts and feelings, to those you wish to honor in your own passing.  Use the knowledge that everyone passes many times in life to ask yourself “What would you have them remember about you the next time you pass?”

The next idea is just as obscure, taking the title and considering it as “The Living Will…”.  This one is a bit less confusing and still has a very positive spin.  If you read the title as so then consider it as being a less prophetic and more of a “Now” sort of thought.  The Living will…Live.  Use this time to step outside of yourself and consider the world through The Observer‘s perspective and enter yourself into the role of The Living. What WILL you do with your life?  I am not speaking in terms of personal goals or dreams, I am talking about the day to day goals that we try to attain.  Such day to day goals consist of, but obviously are not limited to:

  • Be Happy
  • Love someone to the fullest (this includes yourself)
  • Smile
  • Laugh
  • Take a bubble bath

Someone once asked me what the meaning of life is, to which my response was quick and simple.  To live.  The meaning of life, to me, is to Live.  However you do so, that is the greatest purpose that anyone can have.  To just be.  So, the living will jump in puddles and laugh at overly ridiculous situations.  The living will reflect on the day.  The living will do what’s necessary to live, no matter how they achieve it.  They will love, cry, laugh, smile, kiss, hug and continue on because that is what they must do.

One last way, not the only but really my attempt to avoid this post being any longer, to interpret the title is “The-Living-Will”.  Our will is Alive.  If read in that way, then the answer is very simple.  Often, due to the mystery that the “Beyond” presents, we forget that our Will has a life of it’s own.  How?  Well, our Will is only as strong as we allow it to be thus if our Will is ignored then when we pass our Will, well, will be forgotten.  Our Will is what we make it, so make it good and worthwhile so that when you share it and pass it along, it shall survive.  Your Will shall be timeless.

On that hill stood a tree.  In the winter, it became bare and lifeless.  No leaves, just gray and snow covered, felt a bit hopeless.  As the spring came, not only did it regain the life it once had but it seemed to be more beautiful than it was previously.  “How is that possible?” I once pondered to myself, I realized that the only way I could continue to see it for the beauty that it held year in and year out was that it was actually becoming more beautiful as the years passed.  It reminds me that true beauty has no clock for regardless of it’s current state, I will always believe it to be more beautiful as each day passes.  I’ve incorporated that into every aspect of my life, so can you.  I’ve made my Living Will a Living Will so that when I pass, The Living Will…


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