An Ode to Friendship

Oh, the days when things were simpler.  We were young, dumb and had nothing but the highest of hopes.  The sun shining down on our faces as we moved throughout our life without a worry in the world.  I miss those days.  There isn’t a moment that passes where I do not recall all of the wonderful times we had, without a care in the world for it was ours.  We watched as those around us came and went, got comfortable with the idea that we would never suffer the same fate as acquaintances who floated by our lives.

As circumstances changed, we did not.  As the years began to catch up to the age that we had met, I held nothing but the highest admiration for one of the few truths I knew in my life.  No matter how many times I had traveled great distances, I knew that I would always have a friend.  Someone to talk to when I needed, laugh when I didn’t want to and share stories as if my entire adolescence was spent around a campfire.  What a wonderful life it was.

I made a mistake.  Not of the bond that was created, held and cared for.  No.  Never even knew that I’d made it until it was already too late.   What a shame.  Time has passed and not a word, a note, or even a vote of confidence.  I worried.  More time passed and the uneasiness I had never felt prior had began to turn from luke warm to a simmer.  For the first time, I wasn’t sure.

Now I am.

I have owned my mistake and faced it head on.  I shall wait no longer for even a vote of confidence; its worth has been depreciating.  I no longer fear the possibility of what lie ahead for the only fear I had has come to fruition.  I have made no excuses, apologized for my misdeed, regardless of what I have not said, and tried to reconcile.  Now the only person left to forgive is…Myself.  I know my wrongs but the beauty is that I know my Rights.  It is far and few between in which I am willing to set aside my pride, but today I couldn’t be more proud.  Today, I am Me.  Today is my tomorrow and tomorrow is mine.  For now, know that I wouldn’t hesitate to hold the door even today.


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