A Silent Farewell

Dear ______,

It was quite some time ago that I said my last good-bye, it was wrapped in an “I love you” and “I’ll see you real soon”.  We hugged for what felt like forever and walked our separate ways, to this day I wish I knew it was going to be the last for a great while.  Every night since that day I think of you before I sleep, in the hopes that I will see you soon in my dreams.  I’m not always successful but when I am, it consistently feels the same, as if time hasn’t passed.  When I awaken I am filled with an endless joy because I know that even though I cannot hold you again, I am always carrying you with me.  I feel blessed that you still come and visit me, I feel loved because you still tell me so and I feel sad because I don’t know when we’ll speak again.  I miss your voice, I miss your laugh, I miss those eyes but know that the list is long and will always remain timeless.

Even though this letter cannot be sent to where I wish delivered I am not saddened, you remind me still that even 2 minutes is worth 2 years.  That pure happiness is what will get me through to the next day regardless of what’s transpired, that I’ll see you real soon is a promise I intend to keep.  I have tried to send a farewell but it’s fallen on deaf ears so this letter will have to do.  A Silent Farewell is not the end nor shall it ever be as long I continue to hold onto the moments frozen in time and forever carry them with me.  I’m not sure if these words will ever reach you so I’ll keep on whispering them into the wind, I’ll know when they have because I’ll be holding you in my arms again.

Forever and Always,



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