Oh Memories, Where art thou?

I wish I could remember where I set my memories, the ones that lay next to the tree in that lonely field.  I followed the stone wall down the western dirt road, took a left on Memory Lane and a right Whatusedtobe Road.  This is the neighborhood that I grew up in, where all of my friends and family will forever remain no matter how far I go.  I kept on going down this road until I came upon a fork, to the left Happiness Place and to the right Nowhere Boulevard.  It’s been awhile since I’ve visited these memories so I almost forgot to take a left, I wonder how far I would have traveled before I realized that right was wrong.

No matter, I’m on the correct path to the area I buried these memories.

The road felt like forever even though I’d only traveled a short distance, I remember that 2 minutes on this road would have felt like 2 hours had I gone the other direction.  I drove over a bump in the road, through a brown creek and past a sign that said, “Child Hood” just before the winding curves along a cliff and before I knew it I could see the tree.  I got out of my vehicle, my Dream Ride, and began to walk towards this tree, a Weeping Willow all full of life with the leaves as green as ever.  I found where I’d buried my memories, the ones that only I would remember for they were buried with not only themselves but every feeling that accompanied the moment.    Tears of joy ran down my face and I recalled why I chose this tree, for no matter which road I’d chosen to go down…these would forever be next to Happiness.

As I sat there contemplating the journey I closed my eyes and leaned my head back and took a breath to allow myself full appreciation of everything around me.  I opened my eyes to see a tree house that I’d built as a child, a little rickety now but still standing, I laughed at the irony.  I’d built a Home within a tree that was named Weeping Willow, but the message was clear as it was when I built it.  That no matter the circumstance, I would always have a home.  A place where I can always retreat for it was built on my memories with the address, 4 Happiness Place.


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