Random Thoughts

I’ve often found it not only refreshing but invigorating writing down random thoughts that occur.  They tend to come in waves, quick short bursts while doing the most mundane activities in my life.  Enjoy!

A man on the move is not always running from, hardly running to and usually only searching for.

We are usually afraid of what we want and expect what we don’t.  Using the logic that what we need usually isn’t what we want, it would be safe to assume we expect what we need.  In that light, life seems a lot brighter.

Love is when you treat another in the way you feel they deserve to be treated.  I suppose I love everyone, why else would love and hate be so close to each other?

Time travel is possible, it happens all the time.  The catch is that it is only possible when we aren’t paying attention.

Feelings are never lost, only misplaced or transferred.

Relationships are like wood flooring.  It’s beautiful when you first have it, but if it’s not maintained and treated with the utmost respect it will begin to crack and eventually require replacing.

Chocolate is quite possibly the most dangerous thing in the world to me.

I imagine walking on sunshine being very slippery with the possibility of being extremely hot.

Not too sure why but I love the smell of overcooked rice, quite possibly one of my favorite smells.

To be continued thought:  Hardly anyone knows my story but I am grateful that those who do don’t talk about it openly.


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