Significantly Insignificant

Over the past month or so I have been thinking about purpose, place and the expansive nature of our universe.  A thought process that has been littered with scientific, philosophical and faith-oriented thinking.  It always seemed as though the more I felt I came to a conclusion, the more questions I had about the answers I had come up with.  My train of thought isn’t unlike one of those donation contraptions, you know, the one where you put the coin in and watch it spiral down into a bin full of other change (and random other object people put in).  It seemed as though I wouldn’t be happy until the answers brought peace of mind until I came back to a single point of thought, I am Significantly Insignificant.

In this post, I will explain the 3 topics that lead me to this conclusion of being massively tiny and hopefully answer some questions while creating others.

First, I’d like to touch on the scientific thinking.  Recently I’ve been extremely interested in television shows about our solar system and the universe as we know it.  The forever expanding and changing universe we live in is one that we may never fully understand but there are often many similarities to what we know about the Human Body and smaller.  From the way our bodies act and react to different viruses and diseases to how random and spontaneous our atoms are.  I began to ask what seemed to be a simple question, “What if the universe we know so little about is actually the inside of something larger?”  You can see how this ties into a philosophical train of thought but let’s not explore that yet.  I would like to state that I have not lost my mind, but without the ability to question what I know side by side with what I don’t, I feel as though as a person I would never progress.  The idea to take away from this, although not clear, is the interconnectivity of all things and the significance we represent from every point of view.  If all things are intertwined, is it possible to be insignificant?

The philosophical aspect naturally comes to the surface because of the topic of significance.  Often we feel small living in a large place, we buy big houses and buy even more to fill almost all the space  that made it what we wanted.  We alter reality, ours or someone else’s, to attach weight to a specific so that we become more than nothing.  We are mesmerized by nothingness and yet do everything we can to avoid it.  We crave emotional freedom but hate to be alone so we put importance on significance with the belief that we will avoid being nothing, how wrong we are.  The view of being a part of something larger, even though it’s lonely at times, is what makes every person a star in the vast, dark and cold universe.  We are all interconnected, how’s that for being significant?

The faith-oriented aspect is actually much simpler.  When we do nothing, something still happens.  When we do something, anything can happen.  Faith works in much the same way, something happened and we were shown that anything is possible.  To realize that we are greater than we could ever imagine gives me a strength to continue pushing forward.  It is my faith in everything and the possibilities it creates that makes the next step exciting, not scary.  Having faith in yourself puts locks on the doors of our own insecurity and creates a strength known by only a few.

We are all important, significant to the rest of the universe.  Regardless of the outcome,  the butterfly effect will always be in place.  I have accepted that I’m Significantly Insignificant, that I matter because I’m matter.


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