Turning The Page

Our life is much like a novel.  There are many chapters and as we turn through the pages we are careful not to rip or destroy the pages.  Every page is somewhere we’ve just been, a moment that is still fresh in our memory.  Through the twists and turns we slowly and carefully move onto the next page, the next part of our story.

Every place we’ve been to is only a few page turns away, when we lose something we use the previous chapters to remember a story of wonder and awe.  We use people as bookmarks; it’s why we reminisce with friends.  A great book, as we all know, is one that we can always go back to later and re-read.  It’s got replay value.   It’s the friends we have that allow us to recall the ever changing list of “best days”.

We also forget that it’s possible to lose our place, that we’ve been reading for so long that when we lose our place it’s hard to remember exactly where we left off.  We try our best to no avail so we just guess and keep moving forward.  When is it satisfactory to simply say “Oh well, this will have to do”?  I want to remember the great stories, don’t we all?

Purpose –

We meet people in our lives to fill a void that can only be filled by being social.  We all keep a box of memories stashed somewhere, may it be journals or an actual box.  I have lost my place in this novel but have refused to accept for quite some time that it’s ok to re-read.  To use the wonderful and loving pages prior as a starting point to catch up with Today.

Much love to those of you who have enabled me to turn back the pages and remember why it is I love this book.  It’s painful to think that some of the pages are torn, that some bookmark’s have fallen out of the book or that outside factors have forced some chapters to end pre-maturely.  Acceptance is the first step to love and communication is what turns the pages safely.  Turn the pages of your life carefully, it’s a First Edition.


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