Escalation Averted

I walked up to see you standing there, it felt like a ghost of a person that I once knew.  I closed my eyes to blink once or twice, I opened them up to see you still there smiling back at me.  I’m not sure nor have I ever been,  the one thing that I’m sure of is that I’ve never been this sure.  I never said  a word for the sake that it was family, never said a word because I could just sit back and watch as others did.  Take care of you from afar without giving a hint, I only wish you knew but I guess it’s better that you don’t.

Romans have ruins and glances roll in fleets, the words I wish to say are the ones that I’ll never speak.  I probably should but never will because your beauty is breathtaking, making up or not my eyes will never fade.  At some point looks won’t be enough and we’ll have to finally face it, that I enjoy you and the feeling is reciprocated .  I accidentally broke my silence but I felt by then it didn’t matter, I guess it still does because you still leave me in a happy demeanor.  I love seeing you especially when you don’t smile, it makes me feel like I have a chance because I know with me there will never be a dull moment.

It’s possible from this you’ll get a different message but I know you saw what I did and that it’s eternally special.   I mean internally special because the heart is the brain that never says a word.


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