Testament of Love : My Impertinent Truth

Since I hardly get to tell you and when I do, you never believe me, I figured I’d write this down for the world to see so that you may know My Impertinent Truth.  This is part confession, part testament.  Confession for the simple reason that I am saying this with all my heart and part testament because you will rarely hear it with the intensity that I am hoping you sense.  Here we go:

I think you are always beautiful, a shimmering reflection of the stars above.  Yes, I think you’re more beautiful in the morning for the simple fact that your natural beauty gets to shine.  No, this does not mean I think you’re less beautiful when we go out, stunning and timelessly gorgeous comes to mind.  I do have different definitions for how I see you, you are so much of everything that a single word cannot be used to define you.  I do stop in my tracks when I see you, it feels like the first time because it’s a new day to see you differently without change.  My definition of love is hard and has feelers because it’s always changing.  I believe love always grows and never fades or disappears, it’s sometimes ignored but always there.  I believe love explains why I see you as a being more beautiful by the day, why time seems to stop and why I am consistently happy.  It is timeless as is our love, to treat you the way I feel you deserve to be treated.  I have loved before and NO, it’s not the same.  It’s better, how do I know?  Because love always evolves and why else would I continue putting myself through it if I didn’t think it was better every time?

Everything is the best there is until you don’t have it any longer, it’s a fact.  I can never see my life without you so I’m trying my best to make every second a moment.  Here are the facts:  You are the most beautiful person I’ll ever meet, this includes everyone I won’t.  Know that what I feel for you runs deeper than I could ever explain, so I’ll spend the rest of my days attempting to show you.  I promise to pay attention, even when you think I’m not.  I promise to argue with care and be open and honest.  I promise to remind you that whatever I do may seem like a lot, but it’s not because I wanted to do it.  To let you know that what I do, I do for love.  That I’m also really into ensuring my own happiness and that it’s directly related to yours.  To listen.  I promise because all I am promising is myself.



P.S. – There is more but you’ll be receiving it over time.


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