Random Thoughts: Round 2

Up late, as usual.  Remembered when someone once asked me why I stay up late, my response was simple – I’m thinking.  Typical reply of, “You think too much!”  Possibly but realized that it allows me to be the “Other Guy”.  First impression of me is fairly standard, it’s something I know because it’s Me, goofy and simple.  This guy, he enjoys life.  He loves his friends, his family and really…just to be alive.  There were no brushes with death, at least any that I can really say that I worried about the end, so this love for life is purely because I recognize the importance of it.  I talk a lot and am extremely social, it’s what makes me a great salesman…bleh.  So really, I’m up all night kind of just reviewing.  I don’t usually sleep well but I do dream well.  So here are my random thoughts:

Cinnamon is marvelous.

Still wondering what it feels like to walk on a ray of sun, still feel it would be slippery and hot.

I love Orchestra’s.

I do not regret but I do wonder what it would be like if things went differently.

Problem solving is a trait, not a skill.

I think we are all schizophrenic, for proof look at how quickly people change into someone else when certain people are around. (This works in all situations)

I love smiles, I believe them to be the most telling of a person.

I hardly cry, I wish it weren’t so…it’s so releasing.

Waldo would be much more efficient at hiding if he changed clothes, I mean he travels all over the world in the middle of these crazy ass events – he didn’t shower before the picture?

Be not afraid of failing, only of not trying.

If people were more trusting, we’d confide in each other more often.

Writing on this blog is like darts, I randomly throw out thoughts hoping to hit a bulls eye on how someone is feeling.  In case you’re wondering, I wrote it for you but who you remains to be seen.

If you’re curious, just ask.  My guess is that most people simply don’t want to know the truth.

Reality is based on perspective.  Get some and be open minded, you’ll find that life is much more enjoyable.

Ideas are a powerful tool, you just have to be confident in them.

Last one is about some of the posts that I’ve written in the past and actually fairly recently.  You’ll know the posts because they appear to be written for someone in particular, such as https://originalyou.wordpress.com/2011/07/22/testament-of-love-my-impertinent-truth/.  I am here to say that I didn’t write this for anyone in particular and NO!  I really didn’t write it for anyone in particular as with just about all my writings.  The ones I wrote for someone have been marked as so or at least clarified through another entry.  Yes, it’s possible to write a love letter for nobody because love letters are simply the confession of your feelings for another, it just so happens that this other is not another.

That’s it for Round 2.  Enjoy!


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