The Life I Love, The Life I Live (Part 3)

**First I would like to add a disclaimer for those who have been reading this series of writings or have been following my writings (which I dearly appreciate).  My writings are not written about myself, they are often inspired by what I am observing.  Friends, family and strangers alike.  My inspiration for the entries come from my observations and are translated into words meant for all, meant for you the reader.  At times I will admit that I use these writings for my personal use but only for the reason that I suffer from what most suffer from, not listening to ones self.  Each of these writings is meant to be insightful and helpful, never should a negative association be made for it has and never will be the purpose.  If you have felt otherwise, my sincerest apologies and for those who know me well enough, know that it is because of these writings that I am able to continuously stay happy and content.  We all need to vent, these are my mind venting.**

With that said, I shall conclude this 3 part series about…life.

First, take notice of the title.  Although a part of a trilogy of entries, the idea of it is perception.  There have been plenty of times that things have gone wrong, that my life seems to be under a constant rain cloud.  You know the saying, “When it rains, it pours.” and aptly so.  In our every day life we experience hardships, it’s just that usually things don’t seem as bad because things are good.  I’m almost out of gas, my brakes are squeaking, my friend just broke up with their girlfriend/boyfriend or I’m hungry and have no food.  Seemingly small things that given the right circumstance can turn into something larger very quickly.  I will not make any excuses, life is difficult, it’s a fact.  The beauty of it all is that these things, all things, if viewed in the right light are rather beautiful…it just depends on the approach or perspective.

I am in no way promoting delusion, actually I’m promoting quite the opposite.  As we all know or have learned, there is a lesson in everything.  The saying, “Knowledge is power” is a term that I fully believe in for the simple fact that when applied to aspects of life, it actually makes things manageable.  At times, we all get overwhelmed, it’s a fact of life but it doesn’t need to be the only fact.  I got into a car accident and my car looks like it was attacked by a Transformer, yet when thinking about how it happened I realized that I could have ended up on the opposite side of the road in the lane that happens to be the freeway exit.  Your relationship ended and a lot of bad things were said, you did everything you could and nothing seemed to matter yet now you’re out of an abusive relationship.  You don’t like where you live and it seems like everyone is looking at you, you don’t belong and yet you find yourself spending more time appreciating sunsets.  In case you haven’t recognized, there are always positives in every situation, all you need to do is find it.

A repeating concept in almost all of these entries is that you are never alone, that there is always someone or something that can help.  Not unhealthy solutions (pun intended) like Alcohol or Drug Abuse, not shelling up or turning into a temporary hermit.  Don’t ever think that nobody will understand because there are 6 billion people on Earth, many of which who have experienced almost the exact same situation.  Now, we all know that others have it harder and that never helps but knowing that someone is always around is quite possibly the most comforting idea I’ve ever experienced.  I have shared my experiences with loss and shared my Love of people, a recurring theme in everything I do.  I continue to have a box of happy moments and will never find a more relaxing and releasing place than in Nature.  I adore sunsets and treasure sunrises.  These are the ideas and images that I’d like to share with one, with all.

The idea of The Life I Love, The Life I Live is one of patience.  There are so many beautiful things around us that allow You and i to smile, to translate that into the next day or moment.  We are constants moving quickly in an environment that moves as slowly as it can and it can become overwhelming, but be patient and know that without an open heart and open mind we will not be able to see the wonderful life of infinite possibilities.  We are unable to receive help if we ourselves do not want it and others will not know if we don’t ask.  Find that place you use to escape, find that friend you can always talk to, hug the ones you have in your life that make it better.  Most of all, do not be afraid to be Yourself.  Positivity is a state of mind and just like the rest of the emotional color band, it’s contagious.  Reality has 2 sides, what will be shared with others is which side we choose to focus on.  As always, if you feel as though you have nobody to talk to, I welcome ANYONE to contact me.  This is The Life I Love and because of so, this is The Life I Live.  Until next time friends =)


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