Perceive Greatness, Create Much More

We must defy convention and never have fear of the next step.  Move forward even when knocked back, be not afraid of the path we’ve chosen but the consequences of not seeing it out.

Change will never be sudden regardless of how open minded we feel we are, it is worked towards until the goal of progression and innovation is almost in reach.  Upon the completion of said goal, there should come a realization that even this accomplishment will not satisfy me, it will only feel like I’ve begun to starve the dying flame within me.  The only way to feed the flame is to continue to explore my curiosity further, there are always questions…find solutions.

I am impertinent.  I am resistant.  I am NOT careful.  I dare to be myself knowing that I am drawn to others who dare to do the same.  I will explore all possibilities for I know that a missed opportunity isn’t gone, someone else will grab it.  I am powerful.  I am weak.  I am continuously moving and so I know that no solution is permanent, it is temporary…that’s the nature of evolution.

Without knowing myself, what I’m truly capable of, I never would have seen that what defines me is never what I’ve done but what I have yet to do.  Be confident in your dreams and if at all possible, find the support to live it.

Even though the theme of today is homogeneous, it does not mean you have to agree, it is separation that will allow us to move past what we don’t believe to what will inevitably happen.

“What does this mean to you?” statement:  I know that together oil and water don’t mix but if added to other things, it makes a wonderful sauce.

I would like to say that perfection is possible, you are the only person who has to believe it is.  It is only natural to question new things, what we should not do is dismiss it.  Hardly ever is anyone truly ready to move out of their comfort zone but it is an undeniable fact that at times we must in order to find what we’ve been searching for.  Change is scary but what if’s last far longer.



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