My Projection

I’ll start off with a thought: I am not me, I am merely a projection.

Recently I traveled to St. Louis for a funeral, a woman that was very dear to me.  As I sat there in the church, I found myself observing as well as getting lost in a thought that carried with me – Here I am, but I’m not.

I am made of the same things that the universe is made from.  I am who I am and yet when the time comes, I am no longer tethered to the physical…I have become everything.  Now, the thought that I am not me but merely a projection is stating that even though I am not here physically, I am still here.  I’m sure we’ve all heard the idea that we are projections of our surroundings, and although I find that to be true I do not figure that idea to be complete.  If we are indeed made of the same things as the universe then it would safe to assume that we are not just a projection of our surroundings, but a projection of everything.

How does this apply to my trip?  Well, let me explain.  As we move within the world, we often create shades of ourselves.  Think back to school when your teacher would write something on a clear film and put it onto the projector.  Who we are, at the core, is much like the clear film.  What we essentially do is project our definition of who we are, we create the picture of a person that we so choose to be.  When I walk out into the world I am flipping on the switch showing all others my projection of myself.

At the end, it is those projections that people remember but what isn’t said is that what allows us to carry on the legacy of a person is that each person is given a copy of each film.  Each drawing is unique and each one creates an entirely different person even though the similarities are present.  What’s more interesting is that we are happy that each film is unique because we’d like for each person to project us in the different light.  We mustn’t forget that we merely leave a film and that each person we impact are the projectors.  They are the ones that share our memories and the ones who carry on our story, so it would be wise to do right by those in our lives, known or not.  Love without regard and fear only that you may not be able to reach everyone you’d like to.  Listen.  Pay attention.  Above all else, know that amazing is every day and sharing that feeling can make one.  We may not be able to speak now but we’ll talk later.

To those who know me and those who’ve yet to, I am always available to talk so feel free to contact me.  Until the next post =)


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