Changing Perceptions of Changing

Very rarely do we ever think about this subject, change.  It’s an idea, a subconscious afterthought or glimmer of a concern, at least until we need to change.  I believe there to be a misconception with this though, that we are missing the entire point of change and how much we actually affect the flow of change and directional movement of self.  How?

Well, the idea of change first begins as a perception or perspective.  Change in itself is a very selfish act even though it is usually applied to a much larger scale, society or politics for example.  We often forget that change is not something that occurs immediately and it is hardly ever noticeable, it isn’t until we can look into our rearview mirror that we see that what is becomes what was and what will is coming sooner than we thought.  Interested yet?

Something to remember: Change begins and ends as an idea.

The tricky part is that our ideas of change are on a lazy susan, rotating around while staying stationary.  What’s interesting is that we can just as easily influence this scenario by simply intervening but we are so concerned with the flow and status quo that we forget the mechanics of said change.  How can you expect something to be viewed as alright if you yourself are not willing to put aside your fears to make it alright.  We constantly battle with ourselves because we are concerned about what others will think, what they will say or what may and may not be learned.  We try to protect but in the process, it hinders the progress of actual change.

Change is not bias, it just happens regardless of thought.

Now, we can say that it’s to protect said person or persons but the fact is that we will never know the full effect until the change actually occurs.  It is not irrational nor is it illogical to fear a possibility but what is often overlooked is that change is and always will be inevitable.  It is the nature of all things.  It is not something we can change, ignore or otherwise forget.  It will happen.  The only thing slowing the process is our own perceptions, our own selves.  If we can let go of our fears and remember that adaptability relies on our own acceptance of inevitable, then maybe things aren’t as bad as we think they are.

Life and the aspects of it, the uncontrollable parts and the ones we can affect, are what drives us through the infinite possibilities that lay ahead…enjoy it.

Happy Holidays!


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