Random Thoughts on Windows and Reflective Surfaces

A 2 way mirror seems to be all about perspective.  We seem to feel protected when we can see through the window and feel vulnerable when reflecting.

Knowledge of Self –

When we know it’s a 2 way mirror, we worry.

When we know it’s a mirror, we open up.

When we aren’t sure, we avoid.

Why wouldn’t it be the other way?  Because it’s 2 way.

Reflective surfaces, windows and Relationships –

Focus on Me vs. Focus on You vs. Balanced

Why do we feel the need to choose when we know that it will always be situational?  Is it because we are told to, because we feel we’ve been told or is it just the way things are?   If the latter, why?

Flexibility ,openness, being okay with the possible and the impossible alike.


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