We Need to Avoid Nature


I’d like to apologize for writing an entry that will be certainly perceived as political but I must assure you it is not even though the catalyst for this post was brought on by politics.  No, I am not denying nor speaking about climate change/global warming.  This is about more.  This is about the current state of our country, the direction I feel we are taking and hopefully providing some clarity on why I feel that we are strafing instead of moving forward.  I wanted to write, no, rant about the disgusting mud flinging state of our politics and politicians but I remembered that this is nothing new which prompted me to adjust the direction that I had originally wanted to avoid sounding negative, there’s enough of that already.

Topics that I plan on discussing:


What is my America

Our President

Where are we going

A New World

Remember, this is the opinion of a middle individual with no allegiance to any political party in particular.  A person who loves his country so much that I felt it important to voice my concerns without anger or hatred.  Who understands that the economy is not the only global idea, that accepting new truths does not mean discarding the old for integration and acceptance has fueled an empire that has lasted and will last because understanding is evolution.  My thoughts and feelings stem from a confusion that are a result of the drastic chasm that we as a country have created.  It was always easy to individualize my thoughts but came to the realization that I am more than myself.  We all should be.  We need to be if we are to continue to be greater than we are.  Is that not the American Dream?


This topic is much clearer to me because I am of mixed races.  While I fully understand that there is a need to regulate the influx of people that would like to enter the United States of America, it seems as though there is an arrogance that cannot be ignored.  This country became what it is because of immigration, plain and simple.  People looking to strike it rich or to avoid persecution, to be somewhere new that would offer the opportunity to not only start fresh but with the perfect storm of circumstances and a little elbow grease, to achieve of a better life.  The infrastructure of this country was built on the backs of people who dared to dream and risked everything in the hope that they could live comfortably.  I am mixed, but I am American and damn proud but I would hope that had I chosen to live in another country that I would be offered an equal chance at the good life and not be deemed less worthy simply because I am not a originally from the continent.  If anything, immigration gives me a piece of every country that I cannot afford to see and it does it in a place that I am comfortable being in.  It is not The Discovery Channel, it is discovery and while new is scary at times, so is repeating the past of ignorance and closed mindedness.

What is my America?

It is the melting pot.  It is the dream of many.  It is revered and feared.  It is fair.  It is just.  It is understanding.  It carries a big stick but it finishes, it does not start.  It is Father and Mother, Brother and Sister.  It is the exact definition of The New World.  It is hope.  It is home.  It is vulnerable but stern.  It is honest.  It is…me.

Our President:

The President is the person whose agenda does not lean in any direction or has any special interest.  The person who can make the tough decision because it must be made, regardless if their top adviser, even VP, believes it is or is not the best idea or course of action.  This is the person who we are supposed to support and no matter if we agree or not, we hear them out at the very least.  It is what I believe the toughest job to be, they are our metaphorical parent and because of so we must execute patience and understanding.  Mistakes will be made and some choices may not pan out but we are not and should not be defined by these decisions.  Just as with ourselves, we do not know what the outcome will be until it has already happened.  The President is our global image and being so must reflect the resolve, patience, firm nature, integrity and love that we hope and expect from those we entrust with our well being.  We have the luxury of speaking our minds with little consequence but being vicious and unkind is not the way, it’s counter-productive.  Their job is not easy, don’t treat it as such.

Where are we going & The New World:

I am grouping these together because I believe them to be cut of the same cloth.  The divisive and downright dangerous reactions to each topic listed and many more that aren’t is damaging to everyone.  The addition of faith, the rejection of others beliefs and the pandering that somehow all of this is intertwined ignores the simple fact that each one believes in the betterment of their people.  No matter the faith, each has a code of conduct that is interpreted differently because we are individuals.  We are blinded by the light that shone so bright during the past 15 years of prosperity that we have started to ignore what it all means.  What it means is that, as touched on before, we are in an age and level of connectivity where instantaneous is the bare minimum.  Tweets and updates, blogs and 24 hour news, all of it allows us to see not only ourselves but the world around us at any time we’d like…simply amazing.  The point?  The New World is actually a world now and while some continue to be cut off, many of us are not.  I am not asking for world peace, I don’t believe it to be possible because it’s just not human nature to be both social and peaceful all the time but what I would like to see is that we once again separate ourselves from our animal instincts and become greater than we are.  Humanity is in the middle of the greatest advancements in both technology and understanding of the universe in which we live, let’s embrace that.  Be the better people.  It takes more strength to listen and discuss than to argue and ignore.  It takes more than a reaction to perpetually move forward.  Stop asking how does this affect me or people like me, ask how it affects everyone.

For a long time I avoided politics but I have always admired John F. Kennedy.  I would ask that you watch/listen to his inaugural speech because I believe that it just as true now as it was when he spoke.

Here is a link to the entire speech: http://www.jfklibrary.org/Asset-Viewer/BqXIEM9F4024ntFl7SVAjA.aspx

Let us return to the role of innovators and progressives, leader and confidant to all, together and sure, the beacon of light to all around reminding  everyone that even within the darkness that hope is not a dream but a reality that all can achieve.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. David Rodriguez says:

    I don’t mean to controvert your thoughts or statements. But If I was asked “What is my America?” I would disagree with you. MY America is broken. It is just to those it deems worthy. It is neither honest nor understanding. It creates vulnerability by assuming the role hall-monitor across the globe. “…exact definition of a The New World” is a title earned by showing the command prowess of a government and the will of its citizens to better their country and themselves. The more I explore my world the more I realize that My America needs improvement.

  2. justkane says:

    I feel as though we are saying the same thing, David.

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