The Difference

I have spent awhile trying to arrange my thoughts to tell you what a simple Thank You would not

For being different, for asking what very few have ventured to know, its felt like so long that I feel I almost forgot what it was like

I’ve ignored, walked past and dabbled in the superficial.  I’ve half-hearted attempts, mainly because deep down I knew it was not for me.

Kept an arms length thinking it would be easier, even lost myself hoping that I could make it all disappear.

Devoted myself to the singular and participated in others happiness

All the while ignoring mine because I wasn’t quite sure how to answer

Am I actually ready?

Truth be told, I’m probably over reaching and sensing what may not be there

I may just be hoping or have a case of day dreaming

Yet, whatever it may be, I’m glad I’m here

Electric, radiant, warm, loving and extremely caring, these are not qualities but how I’m feeling

Excited, confused and a bit of wrong, the smile is what got me to realize what I’ve been missing all along

Time may be short and circumstances wrought with missteps, but if life were meant to be easy then nothing would be worth having

In a world of figures caught up in flash messages and hashtag thoughts, it’s been a welcome pleasure to converse and not just talk

I cannot fathom what lead me to where I am, but thank you for being amazing, beautiful and open

You are the difference in my life, and so my answer is Yes.



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