Lost in Space

I sat in the middle of chaos, unsure of what to think or how to feel

The motion of bodies, warmth of soul, swirling all around as the rumbles of the bass enveloped every inch of the floor

Day dreaming, imagining what could have been if my wishes were fulfilled

Hoping for another song even though I was standing there, still

I’d forgotten to live, to experience but mostly to move, for life takes action but I was frozen

For goodness sake, snap out of it as dreams are not what’s real, so I hoped with a passion unseen in years

As I gazed across the room, I could feel myself shrink, I was disappearing because I became what I feared

I explored the room without moving an inch, letting my mind wander

I saw the happiness, the joy, the smiles ever guided by liquid affection

Soon, the night ended but my dream continued, the night rolled on like a summer storm with thunder

Loud was the surroundings but again it was silent, observation was afoot as laughter turned to chatter

Some moments are only meant to viewed, for the interruption of words will turn the moment askew

Closed my eyes and realized they were open the entire time, my dream was my reality…how ironic

Spent so much time looking at the stars that I could not see the happiness possible right in my face

I turned my back on my Self, my search has turned into a chase

Can’t let this opportunity get away before the chance of a lifetime becomes…lost in space.


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