I am

I am the friend, the confidante, the joker and the soft shoulder

I am the son, the counselor, the silent witness and an empty vessel that consists of only vents

I am the wallflower, the one who thinks too much, the one who doesn’t think enough

I am random, stubborn, the one who always understands but is too silly to understand

I am the comic relief, the old wise man, the inner child we wish to retain, and the middle child

I am dependable, on time, honest to a fault and seemingly never paying attention

I am everywhere, nowhere and usually present without being called

I am the trouble maker, the schemer, and delayed talent

I am the good guy, the asshole, the likable villain and despised hero

I am the paradox, misunderstood, confusing and generally random

I am all of these things…

I am also exhausted

I am at times lonely, and yet remain optimistic about the future.

I am the silent partner, the one who stands guard at my own expense

I am not upset about it because it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make, for everyone

I am good even if there’s not a smile on my face, it was there, except nobody was looking

I am, above all else, only human and susceptible to make mistakes

I am looking, observing and taking notes

I am wrong, often, and remorseful when I am, I didn’t ask the right questions or simply ignored all the signs

I am a lot of things, to a lot of people, but mostly…

I am tired. I have been so many things for a long time, and I am tired.

I am not like everyone else and will never fit into their mold

I am not normal because I have no idea what the fuck normal is

I am not sorry I couldn’t be Superman or The Flash, everywhere at once

I am not every piece of what everyone expects me to be

I am not like every guy, a fact that I pride myself on

I am not what you think, simply because…

I am Me.




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