The Whole Left Behind

Nobody ever wants to know when something partial was left behind, it was incomplete and easily discarded

They didn’t see what I saw, blemished by the world, broken by the past and scarred by the future…a memory now

Sure, the dance of indifference seems to be a tango, but the shell that remains didn’t just waltz away, it became as clear as day

I am better, work harder because dedication is what builds a home.  Don’t flinch, but I see what could not have been seen, the details are fine but understanding is untouchable

Guns blazing, verbs flying and thoughts lording over head because raindrops refuse to fall…you know, it’s twisted

Smile now, nobody will see, the abyss that seemed to be is just like sitting on the beach

Feet in the sand, head in the clouds, dreaming the little dream because it feels like nobody will know

Staring off at what seems to be nothing, caught in the space between the wall

Screaming for everyone to hear, I’m finally heard but now it’s gone

Temporary feels so safe because tomorrow is never promised

Sometimes it will start where it all began, the flames met the rain

But it was only ignited because it was never supposed to be, damn it felt nice to change

Felt like I was drowning with no help in sight, until the umbrella reached out and I knew that I felt life

So numb, so long, attached to what felt real

Then I felt what I knew was right, damned if I was wrong that truly was so near

Only I understand the wreckage left in the wake

You can fill a hole, but a whole will never be replaced.



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