Backseat Driving

At times, I have no idea where I’m going. I am a passenger at the will of whomever is driving and I admit that sometimes, I don’t mind.  To watch the scenery pass by without a thought or care in the world, chiming into the chatter that surrounds me with the people I have love for is pleasant and often rather entertaining.  I love my life for it is always filled with laughter, but do not confuse this with my always being happy.  I am always content, but not always happy. One of the drawbacks of sitting in the backseat is that I rarely have control and even though I may know where to go, it is hardly ever heard.

The times I end up driving, I do so because nobody else wants to.  The times I drive are the ones that involve longer than an hour, more than a state and less than is necessary to fly.  And I do it not just because I do things when others will not, I do it because that is one of the rarer times when I get to just be myself.  While not many people may see or understand this, I have always been in it for the long haul and while I may or may not know the exacts of my destination, the excitement of just the thought fills me with an exuberance unseen because everyone else is asleep, distracted or simply just not paying attention.

They tell me they’ll stay awake, they tell me it’s just a quick nap, they’ll ask if I’m good a hundred times, but it always results in “back to sleep”.  I can talk for days, have endless miles of stories to share and will continue to have 1 less than an infinite amount of thoughts to share, I’d have more but infinite is an idea and doesn’t truly exist, and my thoughts continue to come.

I am usually, excluding being in an inebriated state, awake as the passenger.  I like to ride shotgun so I can be closer to the driver and talk to them to keep them company because driving can be lonely at times.  No matter how much a person may love and appreciate the long drive, having someone next to you that cares and appreciates (as well as willing to trade seats from time to time) has always meant a lot and is definitely a person worth traveling with for the journey.  I may not know where the road will take us, we may have to stop for nourishment or simply to trade seats. I may stop to admire the beauty of nature, for  like the brush strokes of a masterpiece, they are merely the form in which the entire picture resides.

The long drive, when everyone else has fallen asleep, is where I get to be myself.  Why would I ever want to give that up? I still like to use the old paper maps when I’m uncertain of the destination.  Not only does it give me a sense of what my surroundings are, for the person I’m with, it reminds me that while we may not be looking in the same place, that we are always on the same page.  That is the kind of person worth riding shotgun with, that is Green and Magenta.

It will take time and traffic is inevitable, but I’ll share what I can and the rest will come once we get there.


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