The Cosmic Guarantee

I, am a nerd, a geek, incredibly dorky and will never hide that.  I embrace it with the same passion and intensity that I give to everything because as with everything else, it is a piece of Me and that brings a bit of peace to me.

So what is The Cosmic Guarantee?

It is my promise. I am in no way perfect and while I may appear to have many of the answers, in fact I have less than most.  This is a universal truth that I will always carry because for every experience I have, for every solution I find for the questions I have, many more replace it.  Life is just that damn interesting, even more so with my interest in people. There is constantly a burning desire to learn more and what I’ve come to realize is that the more I find out, the less I end up knowing.  It is why I do not give advice (very often), but I do give my honest and hopefully objective opinion. I do not try to save, I support.  I do not need, but damned if I don’t want with all my heart.

Now within us lies an array of colors, each representing a part of our Selves that we hide under our external layers. It’s often shocking, maybe a little surprising, to have these layers revealed or uncovered, like seeing someone drive naked, but it is nothing short of greatness. To be embraced as we are with no strings attached.  To be willing to step over the obstacles that will inevitably rise because for one of the few times in the cosmos, I am fully understood.

Yes, the guarantee. I am of an open mind, it explains my sometimes wild imagination.  It allows me to grab hold of what’s real and be willing, without fear, to explore the unknown.  To appreciate not just what I have in front of me, but what I have yet to see.  I will not be confined to a standard train of thought for no matter how much I find out, what has happened will never be forgotten.  I’ve been struck by lightning twice, while a statistical improbability, I am now certain that I may not know when the next storm is coming but I do know that it’s real.  There will be no production, for nothing needs to be produced because it already exists.  Keep an open mind and you may have found what was once a blemish is now, and will forever be , breathtakingly unique.  We can only be ourselves, and that’s how I explain it.


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