Inflationary Epoch of Me

How could everything be right, I feel extra comfortable.  I haven’t felt like this in a long time, at least not this specific.  This is not to say that what is occurring is wrong, in fact it’s much the opposite.  That made me uncomfortable and the situation what it became.  The further I dug I thought I’d finally find the fault, instead I found who I thought I was, hopeless and infinite.  Things became too perfect, it assuredly had to end.  I used to believe that was just my life, a stepping stone to better.  The person that would show the world that it’s not full of narrow-minded fools, until I became the Learn’d Fool.

A true masterpiece takes time, space and vision.  It takes a scope of the unknown with a hint of the infinite. A painting is not a collection of brush strokes, it is more and ever-increasing.  It is an idea, a person, a moment and thought.  It is everything the world has to offer and more.  It is a guy playing saxophone under a bridge or an impossible moment that requires no tip.  I felt like the gods had granted me a pardon from the magnificently rotten record I’d had. I may have felt this way because I knew it was going to stop, I refuse to believe that it is the end because what should will always become.

I cannot see over the mountains or promise that the prospect will bear any gold.  I do know that our tree may have fallen but is still not gone.  I am not what I once was, nor will I be again.  I know what everything meant and I’m glad you understand. I’m glad I wasn’t alone, that nothing was by my side. You gave me 2 years, I am beyond grateful, and while I still have much more to share, I recognize that it was just a sliver of something far greater.

I imagine the possibilities, the what if’s and coulda shouldas, and what I find is amazing because I know it was finally the right time and person.  I will remain hopeful, upbeat, sure and comfortable with the knowledge that we are okay, as well as the fact that nothing will ever be the same.  I am hopeless and infinite in my universe of the heart, I am and was only myself and it will always be just the start.

Being Delightful,

Shwan Ree


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