Lavender Tulip

I hope you know.

There is no written explanation for your beauty, it’s just as nature had intended

Not trying to be a rose or daisy, fragile and strong … the irony

Unassuming, I know that I want to pick you

But sometimes the flower picks the arrangement

Other times it’s not ready to be cut because it hasn’t fully developed.

I may only know that I do not know, and I didn’t know why it was you

the lone tulip in a field of maybe surrounded by various colors

It knows it’s time is short and may not get another chance

So it unloads it’s beauty for only those who can appreciate

and let me tell you, I appreciated.

I don’t know if I made an impression, or influenced it at all

But I find myself walking away, again.

Lavender Tulip, you are beautiful.

Serendipity, but do not note, for a Lavender Tulip only calls Delight.


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