Perspective in a Vacuum

Being objective is a bitch.  There’s no other way to put it.

To know both sides, hear both stories and make decisions on how to act.  It’s necessary, but bull shit none the less.

I like to consider myself open minded.  I love hot chocolate regardless of outside temperature, am unequivocal in my desire to have women fart (no matter the location), think most men need to learn to take care of themselves (including but not limited to cooking, cleaning up after ones self and knowing when TOO much cologne is applied), believe pillow forts are still fun and that a great joke in the middle of a serious moment is necessary.  The issue at hand is that most people are narrow minded and are generally unwilling to put the shoe on the other foot, probably because it’s really uncomfortable to wear your left shoe on the right foot.

We all suffer from Perspective in a Vacuum, it’s unavoidable until we can get all sides, but it is hardly ever necessary.  We do not ask because we do not wish to know, simple right? It’s much easier to make assumptions and run with those than to carry the burden of knowing the truth.  I have spent enormous amounts of energy to find out both sides, I’m inquisitive and always want to know, only to find out that while I may be standing in front of a mirror reflecting, it was actually a 2-way mirror with the person I wish could understand sulking about how they’ve been wronged.  This is known as being misinformed, and I offer now a link for Big Boy Pants.  Please put them on, because it’s the only way an adult conversation will occur.

I don’t expect everyone to view the world with scope, although I feel some people should use it.  Your breath stinks. What I would hope for, especially from those close to me, is that they will offer the same respect that I have offered from the start.  A place/person to be able to discuss and converse without judgement, an open forum for all that is wrong and an objective opinion because most of the time, it’s not a big deal.  I will not always fully understand but I have always made an effort to.  I will not always want hot chocolate in 100 degree weather, but I’m open to it. I may not always like what is said, but I will do my best to understand why, because understanding the source usually leads to accepting the reality of the situation.

Now to build my pillow fort.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Cynthia Dimand says:

    You are a light in this world 😘 ⭐️🌎

    My religion is kindness. ~ Dalai Lama


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