The Itch

There’s an itch I cannot scratch, it’s bothersome and is starting to burn.

I’m not sure how I got it or where it came from

There’s an itch I cannot get and nothing I do seems to be helping

It’s in that perfect place just out of reach and can’t be seen in my reflection

I know it’s there, what it could be and why I cannot reach it

I realize now that this itch I have is my own potential and my dreams

I have ignored and applied medication to quell the inflammatory spot

but I cannot disregard this part of me any longer, the part I thought I’d forgot

There’s an itch that I’ve started to scratch, the beginning of an internal shedding

The skin that I was once comfortable in is now sitting beside me

It remains a part of who I am, I’ve just out grown it’s use

Now I am chasing what I’ve always meant to be instead of someone else.



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