Bio oil review – scar challenge – week 1

This is a beautiful reminder of why I blog. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing =)


This post contains photos of a sensitive nature. They contain photos of my healed self harm scars. Post will fully explain


Now where to begin. A few weeks back I had an idea for self-acceptance through a product review. As many who have read my blog will know I’m a recovering self-harmer. My tool of choice was a blade, cutting was my addiction. Since I last cut 14 months ago I’ve struggled to accept my now 100 plus scars. These were mainly on my legs starting just above my knees. I’ve not worn skirts, shorts etc for the fear of them being seen. Essentially people judging. The only person to see them was the person I was romantic with. Friends have seen the very bottoms of them. Now I share them with the world.

I’ve felt fear, shame, guilt, anger, disgust and many more emotions. So why now?…

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